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Johanna Dehio (*1984) is a German designer living and working in Berlin.

Based on a study of different aspects of improvisation which are consistently serving as an impulse and inspiration for Johanna Dehios work, she is concerned with the substance of relationships between the user and the object/space which implicates a responsibility for the things and built environement. She creates objects that are characterized on a functional level by open and accessible structures that provoke interaction. All different forms and aspects of design can be lead back to the living environement of people and are contextualized in it.

In her projects she constantly deals with several interconnected topics and questions: „Arbeitstitel – vom Provisorium zum Produkt“ was a research and design project dealing with the exploration of the potentials of improvisation within the design process, 2010; „Construisine I“ was a temporary open kitchen and workshop in the center of Vienna during „Stadtarbeit, Vienna Design Week“, 2013, in „Casa do Vapor“, as part of a social construction project of ConstructLab, she developed communicative furniture together with the habitants of the village during Architecture Triennale Lisbon, 2013; „Construisine II“ dealt with the reactivation of the old masters house of Oscar Schlemmer in exchange and reflection with the neighbourhood problematic during a residency-stipend at Bauhaus Dessau, 2013; “Firekitchen” brought a temporary community together to be part of the whole production process of a clay kitchen at Vila Itororó with Goethe Institut in Sao Paulo, 2017.

Her work ranges from furniture, product design and scenography projects to spacial and social interventions and the realisation of intercultural design projects, exhibitions and workshops. Next to running her experimental design Atelier, Johanna Dehio is teaching at University of the Arts Berlin (UdK) since 2014 and holding interdisciplinary workshops and lectures. She recieved international prices (Form# Design 2011, Lucky Strike Junior Design Award 2011, NWW Design Award 2012, Erste Bank MehrWert Preis 2016) and has been invited to take part in residency programs (Goethe Institut Sao Paulo 2017, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau 2013, MQ21 Vienna 2012).




september – october 2017
Residency, Workshop & Exhibition “FireKitchen”
Vila Itororó, Sao Paulo, Goethe Institut SP
11a bienal de arquitectura SP

october 2016
1st Price for project FireKitchen
Erste Bank MehrWert Preis 2016

september/october 2016
Fire Kitchen, Public Intervention,
Vienna Design Week 2016, Stadtarbeit

september 2016
‘Undefined Object’ Exhibition, lecture and workshop
international porcellain symposium Dubi, CZ

august 2015
residency & workshop „jardin suspendus, mons diffusion“
Mons, Belgium, cultural capital 2015, Constructlab

april 2015
„Vila Itororó, cantiero aberto“ with Constructlab
Sao Paulo, Brazil, Instituto Pedras

august 2014
„mercato dei frutti minori“ residency with Alexander Römer
Free Home University, Lecce IT

june – july 2014
bentwood workshop with Thonet and Constructlab / Atelier BowWow
Darmstädter Architektursommer, Summer School, Osthang Project Raumlabor

december 2013 – february 2014
„Construisine“, Exhibition
Dessau, Meisterhaus Schlemmer / Muche

september – december 2013
Designer Residency Stipend
Dessau, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau

september / october 2013
„Construisine“, Public Intervention
Vienna, Vienna Design Week, Stadtarbeit

august – november 2013
„Casa do Vapor“, Intervention with ConstructLab
Portugal, Architecture Triennale Lisbon

may – june 2013
„Assembling“, Solo Show
Vienna, Vienna Design Week, Window Gallery

may 2013
„Meta-Mobilität“, Hockerbank
Graz, designforum Steiermark, Kunsthaus Graz

may 2013
New York, Hockerbank Edition

april 2013
Austrian Design Details
Milan, group show, Hockerbank Edition

february 2013
Galery S. Bensimon „Berlin 2.0“
Paris, group show, Hockerbank

october 2012
NWW Design Award
Vienna, 3rd Price, Hockerbank

september – october 2012
Artist Residency
Museumsquartier Vienna, quartier 21

october 2011
Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award
Hamburg, special mention

august 2011
Form# Preis 2011 for „Kleiderstiele“
Frankfurt, Tendence Frankfurt fair

june 2011
Transalpino „made in between“
Berlin, DMY Flughafen Tempelhof

february 2011
„Talents show“
Frankfurt, Ambiente Frankfurt fair

january 2011
„Drahtbank“ solo exhibition
Berlin, BERLIN-WEEKLY gallery

october 2010
„Applaus 2010“ group exhibition
Potsdam, Fachhochschule Potsdam

september 2010
„working title“, solo exhibition
Berlin, erstererster gallery

june 2009
„Transalpino: open progress“
Berlin, DMY 2009, gallery ersteretsrer

april / june 2008
„Trattoria Transalpino“
Milano, Bar Basso
Berlin, DMY 2008, Schlesisch Blau

april / may 2007
„Transalpino: solutions with a hook“
Milano, studio dotdotdot
Berlin, Designmai 2007, Gallerie erstererster

may 2006
„60 m3“
Berlin, Designmai 2006

april 2006
„draw a chair“
Milano, studio dotdotdot


UdK Berlin 2017
basislabor, 2. Semester

KIT international Porcelain Meeting, Lecture and Workshop
Ateliér Design Keramiky FUD UJEP, Dubi CZ, 2016
Prof. Antonín Tomášek

IKKM Weimar 2016
“Aggregatszustände der Erkenntnis”
Workshop for Prof. Karen van den Berg

UAD Montevideo/Uruguay / UdK Berlin,
Instituto Cervantes Berlin 2016, “Food Dialogue”
with Federico Lagomarsino

UdK Berlin 2016
Workshop with LB Valentina Karga, Prof. Susanne Stauch

Darmstädter Architektur Sommer, Summer School
Darmstadt 2014, “Osthang Project”
bent wood workshop with ConstructLab and THONET

Mons Diffusion 2015
“Sour dough talks”

UdK Berlin, Kollisionen 2016
“Tisch – Kulturen” with Hanna Wiesener
interdisciplinary workshop in Cooperation KPM Berlin

UdK Berlin, Künstlerische Mitarbeit
since 2014, basislabor Design
1st year product- and fashion design

Annecy 2014, “Cooking-line”
1st year applied arts, with Alexander Römer

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
Dessau 2013, “Schlemmerküche”
experts and neighbours

Universität Mozarteum
Salzburg 2013, “Object Improvisation”
exhibition architecture and scenography students

Vienna 2012, “Furniture – Improvisation”
public workshop within artist residency

Bernau 2012, “Improvisation”
internal motivation workshop

Museum der Dinge
Berlin 2012, “Vom Provisorium zum Produkt”
Marcel Breuer school for product design


domus 2016
disegno daily 2013

Case da abitare 

february / march 2013

Zeit Magazin
Nr. 11 march 2014
january / february 2011


april / may 2011

10 + 1, 11 Years of young Design in Process

Hrsg. Hansjerg Maier-Aichen

10 + 1, 11 Years of young Design in Process

Hrsg. Hansjerg Maier-Aichen

Schöner Wohnen

may 2011

Das Designbuch, Zitty Berlin

may 2011

Das Designbuch, Zitty Berlin

may 2011

DamN° 30

october / november 2011

DamN° 30

october / november 2011


Shortlist 2010


Shortlist 2010

Hise Slowenia

december 2010

Hise Slowenia

december 2010

selected press


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